Aluminium Smelting and Refining Air Pollution Control

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Aluminium Plant Dust Filtration For Process of Smelting and Refining

Aluminum production  processes face unique air pollution control challenges. Gas streams  temperature range from ambient 20 degree C  to over 500° F (260° C) and may contain high levels of oil, soot, moisture and acids. The particles   is often submicron in size, abrasive and hygroscopic in nature. The Non-Ferrous industry is highly regulated for particulate emissions as well as various gas  emissions such as HCl, HF and SOx. Aluminium smelting refining dust collector filter bags

Dangers of Aluminum Dust

Aluminum dust also can be combustible or explosive if it becomes suspended in the air at the right concentration.Metal Smelting filter bags.

Even if pure, non-ferrous aluminum is used, sparks can occur during an aluminothermic reaction, also called a thermic reaction. Such a reaction occurs when an aluminum particle and a metal oxide, such as rust, are ignited by a heat source and chemically burn as a "Class D" fire (i.e., combustible metal). The reaction is similar to a fireworks explosion, can create 4,500ºF sparks, and can occur when a grinder is used on ferric material (e.g., steel) prior to being used on an aluminum material or vice versa. This type of sparking and associated fire hazard may be eliminated by restricting the use of a grinder to only one type of material. In the absence of that safeguard, if grinding under these circumstances creates sparks, then it is considered hot work and a fire watch would be required under any of the circumstances described in 1915.504(b).

Case Study: FS baghouse dust collection system for Xiashun China

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