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Asphalt Mixing Plant Dust Collector Nomex Filter Bags

Application: Asphalt mixing plant bag filter
Filter Felt : Nomex Needle Felt , 550 GSM
Finishing : PTFE Dipping
Water and Oil Repellent Treatment
Working temperature : High temperature resistant.
Operation temperature :< 204 degree C
Certified by SGS ,Shanghai .
  • NX550
  • NX550-1603050

ECOGRACE Nomex Filter Bag Made of Nomex Filter Cloth Nomex Needle Felt is the most high cost effective dust collector filter bags for high temperature working condition dust filtration sytem in different industries .

Feature of Nomex Needle Felt  Filter bag  :

Working temperature : 190 degree C 

Instand peak temperature : 210 degree C . 

Chemical Treatment: PTFE coating , Teflon Coating , Water and oil proof treatment , PTFE membrane .

High and stronger tensile strength and abrasion resistance keep our Nomex filter long working life.

ECOGRACE tailor produce for the filter size with clients dust collector design.

Application of Nomex Filter Bag  : 

Asphalt Mixing plant bag filter system  

Cement plant , air pollution control 

Metal smelting furnace dust extraction system , 

Foundary , steel plant , Aluminium plant , leads plant ,etc. 

• Tail gas / Fume / Ash from metallurgical plant

•  Asphalt mixing plant dust  filtration

•  Carbon black plant, Iron works ( Steel Mill  blast furnace gas Filter )

•  Cement plant ( tail gas from vertical kiln),

•  Gypsum / Lime Plant
Other industry gas / fumes temperature over 190 degree C .


ECOGRACE Production Site :


Specification of Nomex Filter Felt :


Nomex Fiber .

Weight (g/m2)


Thickness (mm)


Air permiability (m3/m2/min)


Tensile strength (N/5×20cm)





Tensile enlongation (%)





Broken strength (Mpa/min)


Continuous working temperature (degree C)


Short time Working temperature (degree C)








Finishing treatment

Singeing, het-setting, calendaring 


 ECOGRACE Introduction :

ECOGRACE is filter cloth and filter bag manufacturer certified with SGS and ISO 9001:2008 . With more than decades manufacturing experience and thousands project at site service experience for dust collection system , dust collector filter bags , dust filter cloth , ECOGRACE is the leading Enterprise in Asia for the dust filtration / baghouse filtration area.

ECOGRACE Factory located in Hangzhou , which is 180km to  Shanghai Seaport , 160 km to Shanghai International Airport, very convenient in transportation. 

Our production capability is 2000pcs filter bags daily , dust collector equipment 40 sets monthly for smaller air flow model ,  20 sets for bigger air flow model . 

We will promise 24 hours delivery time for sample order , one weeks delivery time for the quantity order . All clients are welcome to visit us for mutual communication. 

Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .
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