Asphalt Plant Dust Filters Type and Working Principle

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Asphalt plant ancillary dust collection equipment

Asphalt plants  require systems for  collecting filtration the airborne dust, which is  produced during the drying and handling processes. The particle collected from the dryer exhaust are usually retained and feed  into the asphalt mixing process,  where they are included as part of the asphalt product recipe.

Two stage of  dust collection systems are generally employed to remove coarse and fine dust. 

They can be defined as follows:

Primary Dust Collection 

ECOGRACE  includes two options for the primary dust collection process,  these are usually defined by their use in static or mobile versions of the asphalt plant.

One of the type is Skimmer systems, it is better suited to static installations, where space practicality and plant layout allows. Meamwhile, Multi-cyclone systems are ideal for combining within the dryer section of the plant on mobile equipment.

However both skimmer and cyclone systems are designed to remove coarse dust between 75 and 200 µm.


Secondary Dust Collection

The other type of filter is secondary bag filter systems, which guaranteed dust emission less than 20 mg/m³, which is suitable for asphalt plants sited in environmentally sensitive locations.

Bag Filter will collect and transfer the minus 75 µm reclaimed dust for use as reclaimed filler material within the asphalt plant.

All ancillary items for transfer, storage and disposal of materials can be supplied to compliment the dust collection systems range.


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