Bag Filter Maintenance and Operation

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 Bag Filter Maintenance and Operation

The cleaning cycle and the cleaning time of the dust-removing skeleton are important factors in the trapping performance and operating conditions.

Cleaning cycle, the cleaning time and cleaning methods taken and the nature of the object to deal with and other factors, it must be dust properties, dust concentration, etc., and after the necessary examination to determine. 

Cleaning cycle and cleaning time to determine the principle, according to different cleaning methods using different cleaning settings, the first thing to consider is to remain in the filter bag on the next adhesion layer, in order to ensure the minimum effective cleaning time, Determine the cleaning cycle. Make the cleaning cycle as long as possible, the cleaning time is short, so that it can run under the condition of economic dust removal equipment resistance.

Atmospheric back-cleaning ash-style: If the cleaning time is too short, the dust on the filter bag has not been completely cleared to work, will quickly restore the resistance and gradually increased. On the other hand, if the cleaning time is too long, the filtering speed will increase due to over-cleaning, and the dust can enter the filter cloth to cause the filter bag to clog and break.

Vibration cleaning method: And the air purging the same type of cleaning, while the drive part of the failure is one of the reasons.

Pulse cleaning: If the cleaning time is too short, due to excessive, frequent cleaning, resulting in dust can penetrate the interior of the filter cloth caused by plugging and breakage reasons. On the contrary, cleaning time is too long, then the filter bag dust accumulation will make the device in high impedance operation.Cleaning cycle and cleaning time impact resistance

Bag filter during operation, we should always observe the pressure differential system, in order to determine whether there is a problem. Should be recorded in advance when the pressure value of normal operation, such as found that the pressure differential increases, it may mean that the filter bag clogging, dust board knot, cleaning institutions failure, ash bucket too much fouling and so on. The pressure drop, which may mean that the bag appears damaged, off, the inlet side of the pipeline blockage or the valve is closed, there is leakage between the cabinet or sub-room phenomenon.

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