ECOGRACE Filtration Solution For Aluminum Industry

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ECOGRACE Solution for Dedusting in Aluminum  industry 

Industrial Filtration for the Aluminum Industry :
Aluminum is produced by the electrolytic process that reduces alumina to the element form. The metal is then alloyed and cast into ingots for further downstream processing into aluminum sheet, Aluminum coil, Alumunum plate and other forms. This manufacturing process generates dust which may include aluminum powder, oxides and other chemicals.

ECOGRACE sales and technical teams have many years of experience in the metals industry, and are well positioned to analyze the dust problem and determine the optimal solution to meet the needs of any aluminum industry.

With many years studies in  every type of dust collector in the aluminum industry, from mining and  alumina production to aluminum smelting and secondary production, ECOGRACE dust collector filter bag and dust collector filter cartridge , we have the expertise technology  to meet requirement from users . 

Also, we can help solve problems on the following collectors:
Potline Scrubbers
Refine & Calcine Systems
Carbon Bake Operations
Cast Houses
Anode/Butt Crushing Material Handling & Transfer Units
Silo/bin Vents
Ore Off-Loading From Rail or Ship Ball Mills & Grinders


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