Filter Bags Applied In Asphalt Mixing Plant

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Filter Bags Applied In Asphalt Mixing Plant

The application of dust collector filter bags in Asphalt mixing site :

Discripton of hot gas tail gas generated from Asphalt mixing site :

1. The tail gas generated from Asphalt mixing site is with high temperature , generally 190-210 degree C .

2. The hot gas is high aggresive , abrasive . 

3.  The filtration velostiy of dust collection system at asphalt mixing site is higher than normal velosity .

4. There will be potencial sparks in the gas . 

For Dust Collector Filter Bag , With over 15 years working experience in dust collection / dust filtration area  in asphalt mixing site , ECOGRACE will provide a full set of solution for the high temperature and high abrasive gas for asphalt mixing plant . 

Depending on the operation condition and dust composition ,  ECOGRACE filtech offers technically and economically filter bags solution for deducting in Asphalt mixing plant . 

We provide the filter media and filter bags which is good for  high temperature resistant , spart retardant , abrasive resistant  , save the maintanance cost in air polllution control projects . 

nomex filter bag

Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .


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