How to decide the suitable filter for Asphalt Plant?

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How to decide the suitable filter for Asphalt Plant?

     ECOGRACE Manufacture bag filters for asphalt plant.  Bag Filter in asphalt mixing plants are exposed to extreme environmental conditions and aggressive corrosive dusty gas. Frequent temperature fluctuations and frequent stops resulting potential sparks and put additional pressure on the filter material. ECOGRACE offers technically and economically filter solution for  asphalt mixing plant base on different working conditions.

· Most of the hot mix plants are equipped with a primary dust collector. It is for settling heavy dust particles.

·  The primary dust collector works best with secondary dust collector. This secondary dust collector is a bag filter dust collector.

     In Asphat batch mix plant, Bag filter and pre separator are two important units for trapping harmful gases and dust particles.The dust collector and draught fan are mounted on the mobile frame, it is easy to move. Furthermore, The dust removal method adopts the Coarse grain dust separator (Primary) + Bag filter (secondary). To make sure the asphalt mixing plant is environmental.

     Pre separator will trap all the heavy dust. Bag filter is baghouse filter with number of filter bags close to each other in a closed chamber. As the gas sucked from the drying drum is made to pass through the bags, they will be trapped. This action of the bag filters will help clean most of the pollutants and give out smoke with less pollution.

     ECOGRACE provide filter bags for Asphalt Mixing plant, we adopt high-class Nomex American Brand, the working life of filter is long. The flue gas dust filtered out to trap a particle size of more than 0.3μm dust, dust removal efficiency of up to 95%.

     ECOGRACE dedicating in researching and manufacturing dust collector equipment and dust collector spare parts, Fabric Filter bags , Filter Cartridge, Filter bag cages, etc.  We are specialized in manufacturing dust collector filter Bag, ECOGRACE air filter bags are widely applied in Power plants, asphalt plant, steel mills, pharmaceutical producers, food manufacturers, chemical producers and other industries using  baghouses dust collector system  to control emission of air pollutants.

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