The Design For Aluminum Melting Furnace Dust Collector

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Aluminum melting furnace Dust Collector,

 High Temperature Flue Gas Suction Extraction System Air Polllution Control System  Dust  Dust Collector

Ecograce dust collection section wildly served  for Leads , Copper, Aluminium Smelting plants. 


The pulse jet type dust collector is an improved high-efficient model dust collector. It solves the  problems like low intensity of dust-cleaning, and distribution of air flow, etc. With stable operation, easy maintenance and long life of filter bag, the dust collector for melting furnace is highly adopted by customers worldwide.


The filter bag of the dust collector  equiped is polyester needle felt filter,  it is suitable for  the temperature continuous  less than 120℃.

The filter bag made of METAMAX,  Nomex, Aramid Felt is good for high temperature working temperature  204℃. The dust-collecting efficiency is more than 99.8%.



The pulse type dust collector is taken for copper melting furnaces, aluminum casting furnaces, asphalt mixing plants, grinding machines, kiln dust and other dust collection and desulphurization systems.

Bag Filter Dust Collector Details: 

1. ECOGRACE  BAG FILTER DUST COLLECTOR,  we designed the longer filters inside dust collector take smaller area which will increase the processing capacity, therefore it is more convenient for reconstruction.


2. We  take seperate  chamber off line dust cleaning in bag filter dust collector design, it is with high efficiency and few secondary  dust stick. Meanwhile, it effectively save the energy. Our design effectively protect the filter bags and pulse valves,  save the operation and  maintenance cost for the dust collector system.


3. The filter bags will be replaced without stop the filtration system.


4. ECOGRACE Dust Collector Euiped with filter and cages on our own which are with  good sealing, good tightness,easy installation.


5. We take Air leaking detection with oil so that keep  air leaking  <0.5%.


6. Our Bag Filter Dust Collector is controlled by PLC, it is with  automatic dust cleaning, automatic temperature control and over temperature alarm.


ECOGRACE FILTER  is SGS and ISO9001:2008 approved manufacturer of dust collector and filter matreirals with over 20 years expertise experience for providing dust filtration solutions.


Bag Filter Dust Collecotor Industrial  Application: 

 Melting Furance, Aluminum, Copper, Leads,etc.

 Asphalt Mixing, Batching, Blending opetions

 Cement production

Powder processing

 Steel melting
 Material handling
 Primary metals, including steel-making
 Metals fabrication: grinding, sawing, sanding, polishing
 Glass Plants

 Battery Plants

 Wood working.


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