What is Pulse Jet Filter Bags ?

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What is Pulse Jet Filter Bags ?

Pulse Jet Filter Bags Designed for the Dust Collector system , tailer produced for each system. 

ECOGRACE filter media  has been manufacturing Pulse Jet Filter Bags designed to the highest OEM specifications for virtually every filter media & filter bag parameter . We are the leading supplier of long filter  bag technology – the fastest growing segment of pulse jet technology.

Our service levels, coupled with our full-service approach, allows us to provide turnkey solutions to every customer.Design Options & Filter Media for All Industries  . We offer numerous filter media such as PTFE , Aramid , PPS , Acrylic , P84 , Fiberglass , Polyester , dust filter cloth and dust collector filter bags . 

Meanwhile , ECOGRACE offers many other options and finishes such as high efficiency Teflon coating , Water and Oil repellent treatment and ePTFE membrane to meet the needs of every industry.

Our Pulse Jet Filter Bags , also called dust collector filter bags is installed in dust collection system , ash handling system , dust extraction systems ,  we will provide key filtration solutions for  different industry , and provide the most cost effective of dedusting solutions . ECOGRACE pulse jet filter bags ,by different filter media , there are Nomex Filter bags , PPS Filter Bags , PTFE filter bags , Fiberglass Filter Bags , Aramid Filter Bags ,etc. 

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The industry we are serving :

Cement Plant , Lime , Gypsum 

Power Plant ( Coal fired )

Waste treatment power plant ( Waste to energy .)

Asphalt Mixing site

Metal Smelting , Foundry  , etc. 

Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .


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