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5-10 micron Belt Filter Press Sludge Dewatering Filter Cloth

Vacuum Filter Press Belt applied for Mining Tail treatment, Sludge dewatering working very well. we will provide different weaving, filament material and width will meet different working condition. The Polyester and Polypropylene material will meet different chemical condition. With over decades manufacturing and researching experience ,   we have supplied filter cloth for various industry including Mining industry , Metallurgy industry , Chemical industry , Waste water treatment  , Food industry , etc . 
  • PP 6060


  • 6780990

ECOGRACE Industrial Filter Fabric Filter Press Filter Cloth is mainly applied to sludege dewatering filter press , wastewater treatment filter cloth , including chamber filter press, Belt filter press , membrane filter press, recessed, plate and frame filter press , Disc Filter Machie ,  etc.

ECOGRACE Filter Cloth specially applied for wastewater treatment filter press , sludge dewatering filter press cloth  , Lead Acid , Lead acid battery , Leads paste filter pressing process .  

With over decades manufacturing and researching experience ,   we have supplied filter cloth for various industry including mining industry , Sludge dewatering filter press , chemical industry , waste water treatment  ,wastewater treatment filter cloth ,  food industry , etc . 

Filter Cloth Micron Rating : 1- 150 Micon ,  Full range mesh .
Filter Cloth : Polypropylene Filter Cloth ,  Nylon 66 Filter Cloth ,  PP Filter Cloth , Polyester Filter Cloth , Cotton Filter Cloth , PVC Filter Fabrics . 
Filter Press Machine : ECOGRACE filter cloth work for Chamber Filter Press , Plate Filter Press , Disc Filter system , Belt Filter Press , Belt Squeez press filter , etc. 

Filter Press Cloth Application :
Mining Mineral Industry : 
Mineral Concentration , metal concentration , Tailing Mine Treatment , Coal Concentration ,
Mining of Gold , Copper , Zinc , Nickel , Iron , 
Red mud, potash fertilizer, vanadium ore, the end of coal, clean coal, clay, Kaolin clay, etc.
Metal Concentration :
Concentration Gold, Copper , Lead Zinc , Nickel, Zinc, Silver ,  Tailing Mining treatment ,  etc.
Chemical Industry :
Alumina Filter cloth , Phosphoric Acid , Phosphate Fertilizer , Pigment , Titanium Pigment , TiO2,  Zinc Oxide, Activated carbon, cobalt carbonate, Iron Oxide,  Zinc- leads ,  Titanium Dioxide,  pesticides, white carbon black, carbonate calcium  , etc.
Food Industry  : 
Fruite juice,Sugar, Starch, Sweetener, Beer, food  oil ,etc.
Environmental protection:
 Sewage treatment, slude dewatering, flue gas desulphurization, FGD Filter fabric , Gypum slurry dewatering filtration , salt mud, 

fly ash, etc.

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Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .


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