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900 gsm Side Glazed Polypropylene Felt Filter Press Cloth

Non Woven Needle Felt is available for the Filter Press,Cloth, the weight 500-900gsm with very high strength, applied for Metal and Mining Industry Fine Solid Collection. Filter Micron from 1-50 Microns.
  • PE 60750
  • 6788950

ECOGRACE PP felt PE felt widely applied for the mining industry , chemical industry for fine material dewatering , filtration , liquid solid separation . 

ECOGRACE Industrial Filter Fabric Filter Press Filter Cloth is mainly applied to filter press, including chamber filter press, Belt filter press , membrane filter press, recessed, plate and frame filter press , Disc Filter Machie ,  etc.
ECOGRACE PP felt PE felt widely applied for the mining industry , chemical industry for fine material dewatering , filtration , liquid solid separation . 

Our specilized filter cloth , non woven needle felt is specially developed for the metal concentration filter press processing , with fine filter precision , etc.

With over decades manufacturing and researching experience ,   we have supplied filter cloth for various industry including mining industry , chemical industry , waste water treatment  , food industry , etc . 

Filter Cloth Micron Rating : 1- 150 Micon ,  Full range mesh / micron .
Filter Cloth : Polypropylene Filter Cloth ,  Nylon 66 Filter Cloth ,  Polyester Filter Cloth , Cotton Filter Cloth , PVC Filter Fabrics . 
Filter Press Machine : ECOGRACE filter cloth work for Chamber Filter Press , Plate Filter Press , Disc Filter system , Belt Filter Press , Belt Squeez press filter , etc. 

Filter Press Cloth Application :

Mining Mineral Industry : 
Mineral Concentration , metal concentration , Tailing Mine Treatment , Coal Concentration ,
Mining of Gold , Copper , Zinc , Nickel , Iron , 
Red mud, potash fertilizer, vanadium ore, the end of coal, clean coal, clay, Kaolin clay, etc.

Metal Concentration :
Concentration Gold, Copper , Lead Zinc , Nickel, Zinc, Silver ,  Tailing Mining treatment ,  etc.
Chemical Industry :
Alumina Filter cloth , Phosphoric Acid , Phosphate Fertilizer , Pigment , Titanium Pigment , TiO2,  Zinc Oxide, Activated carbon, cobalt carbonate, Iron Oxide,  Zinc- leads ,  Titanium Dioxide,  pesticides, white carbon black, carbonate calcium  , etc.
Food Industry  : 
Fruite juice,Sugar, Starch, Sweetener, Beer, food  oil ,etc.
Environmental protection:
 Sewage treatment, slude dewatering, flue gas desulphurization, FGD Filter fabric , Gypum slurry dewatering filtration , salt mud, fly ash, etc.
PP felt filter press belt fabrics is the most advantage production of ECOGRACE .

Woven fabrics

Fiber-yarn type

Ecograce code

Weight g/M2

Air permeability @200 Pa l/dM2 .min


Cake release


Polypropylene , Polyester






















S=staple | F=multifilament | M=monofilament | 1=poor | 2=medium | 3=good | 4=very good

All data are not binding and may vary

Filter Cloth Chemical Function :

Property Polyester (PE) Polypropylene  Nylon
Acid Excellent  Excellent Excellent
Alkali  Average Excellent Excellent
Electrical Conductivity Poor Good Average
Elongation  30%-40% Better than PE Poor
Recovery  Excellent Slightly better than PE Poor
Abrasion  Excellent  Good  Excellent 
Heat Resistance 150 °C 90 °C  100 °C 
Softening point 230 -240 °C 140 -150 °C 200 °C
Melting point 255 -265 °C 165 -170 °C

ECOGRACE  sludge dewatering belt permits high drainage speed and smooth performance of most press or vacuum belt filters.

Sludge filtering.
Pulp squeezing in paper mills.
Fruit juice squeezing.
Waste water treatments.
Paper and tissue plants.
Coal separating plants, etc


Packing and delivery

1. Bubble Film and waste thick fabric wrapping while protecting inside fabric. 

2. Wrapped special fabric package outside. (Air shipping )

3. Composite wooden box(seashipping )

Our service

1. Samples: free samples with detail specification for you to choose. 

2. We will make the exact specifications as customer's requirements

3. Felt and fabric design solution will be provided within 24 hours By Technician Department. 

4. There is a Strict quality control process during each production step. Ensuring the quality. 

Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .
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