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Chemical Plant Pigment Dewatering Filter Press Filter Belt

Our filtration Press Belt is for the dewatering of sludges in the chemical industry, mining and water treatment. Belt filter presses cloth are also used in the production of juice, cider and winemaking.The belt press filter belt is an industrial fabrics belt used for solid liquid separation processes . The process of filtration is primarily obtained by passing a pair of filtering cloths and belts through a system of rollers. The system takes a sludge or slurry as a feed, and separates it into a filtrate and a solid cake.
  • PE 60808


  • 6788900

Filter Press Filtration Belts , Sludge dewatering belt, is designed for solid/liquid separation, especially sludge dehydration in sewage treatment industry. Made of high quality Polyester, our range of belt is heat-set at exacting temperature and tensioned to achieve much better operational stability. It is suitable for press belt filter and various vacuum belt filters.

Polyester sludge dewatering belt with smooth surface and air permeability, is recommended for most sludge dewatering  plants.
Sludge filtering.
Pulp squeezing in paper mills.
Fruit juice squeezing.
Waste water treatments.
Paper and tissue plants.
Coal separating plants, etc

Ecograce  will solve the filtration  or dewatering conveyor belt filtration and pressing challenges across applications including municipal sludge sewerage treatment, dewatering, squeezing and cleaning water from food and vegetable wastes, chemical industrial powders , pigments, etc. Filter or dewatering belts have different mesh size microns.

Filtration Belts – Used in a variety of applications, including chemical, mineral, food and other process slurries, sludges, these belts are designed to remove liquids from solids.  ECOGRACE filter belts feature stainless clippers.  

Filtration Belts – Used in a variety of applications, including chemical, mineral, food and other process slurries, these belts are designed to remove liquids from solids.


Sewerage Sludge dewatering, Food Separation, Food Waste treatment , Oils, Chemical powders, pigment, Contaminants, Sands & Soils, Sludge

Contact with us to  discuss your needs for filtration  or dewatering conveyor filter press belt  for your application. We carry a full-line of filtration conveyor belts

Advantages of ECOGRACE Filtration Belt :

Strong  structure with high drainage speed.
Excellent water and air permeability yet not allowing the sludge.
Good at  resistance to acid, alkali and chemical solvents.
Good temperature resistance up to 180°C.
Easy to peel off cake .
Good  corrosion resistance for a longer service life.

ECOGRACE  sludge dewatering belt permits high drainage speed and smooth performance of most press or vacuum belt filters.

                              Filtration  Belt Specification
Code   Thread Diameter(mm)  Density(threads/cm)  Tensile Strength(N/cm)Thinkness(mm)Air Permeability(m³/m²h)
warpWeft  Warp  Weft Surface   Joint

Packing and delivery

1. Bubble Film and waste thick fabric wrapping while protecting inside fabric. 

2. Wrapped special fabric package outside. (Air shipping )

3. Composite wooden box(seashipping )

Our service

1. Samples: free samples with detail specification for you to choose. 

2. We will make the exact specifications as customer's requirements

3. Felt and fabric design solution will be provided within 24 hours By Technician Department. 

4. There is a Strict quality control process during each production step. Ensuring the quality. 

Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .


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