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Dust Collector Filter Element Filter Bag Wire Frame Filter Cage

Galvanized treatment dust collector filter bag cage is the framework which used for supporting the filter bag in the dust collector. It also known as bone cage or skeleton.
The type of ECOGRACE Dust Collector Filter Bag Filter Cage: Galvanized Filter Cage, Organic Silicon Filter Cage, Stainless Steel Filter Cage.
  • D160x6000
  • C408
Galvanized Treatment Dust Collector Filter Bag Cage Filter Bag Cage Production:

Filter bag cage is the rib of filter bag, it should be light and easy for installation and maintenance. The quality of a cage has directly bearing on the filtering state and service life of a filter bag. Every cage we make can meet the requirement for tightness, smoothness and uprightness.

Dust Collector Filter bag filter cage Gavanized Filter Cage 
Filter cage is the rib of the filter bag and it should be convenient to install and maintain. The quality of filter bag cage will directly decide the working efficiency and service life of the filter bag. Galvanized steel filter bag cage, which is warmly welcomed for its hardness, light weight and smooth. For the surface treatment, we can  provide spray coating, silicon coating and galvanized, all of them can improve their hardness and make them away from corrosion. And filter cage with venturi can provide better protection for the filter bag. 
Characteristics of SS/ Mild Steel Filter Cage

1, Strong heat resistance.
2, Better protection for the filter bag and connection with the dust collector.
3, High dust collection efficiency. 
4, No corrosion, long service life.
Surface treatment:

Spray coating, preservative treatment, silicon coating,Galvanized treatment

SS304  Smonth Surface, orignial Stainless Steel

filter bag filter cage

Filter Bag Cage Specification:


Circle type,Oval type,Flat type,Special-shaped


Carbon steel,Galvanized steel wire,Stainless steel,Titanium wire

Finish treatment

Galvanized,organic silicon spray,anti-corrosion treatment

The number of  lingitudinal bar

8~24 wires(Circle Type),10~16 wires (Oval Type)


Single section type bag cage,screw joint type,double wire PJE type,single wire PJE type,etc


Venturi,protection nozzle stub

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