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Hot Gas Filtration Filter Bag Fiberglass Filter Cloth

ECOGRACE finished woven fiberglass bags are successfully used in reverse air dust collection system, pulse jet bag filter dust collection system and shaking vibrating dust collection system. The applied including cement plant, carbon black processing.

ECOGRACE Dust Collector Filter bags widely applied in different indusry dust filtration system as filter media bags  or filter sleeves .
The application industry including:
Coal Boier Power plant ,
Waste treatment power generation plant ,
Asphlat mixing ,
Steel / Iron , Foudary / Metallurgy
Cement Kiln , Cement Processing
Carbon Black ,
Gypsum / Lime processing .

High temperature resistant Dust Collector filter bags
Nomex filter bag:
1. Temperature (°C): Continue: 204, Instant: 240
2. Features : anti-acid,anti-alkali,high filtration blow speed,low pressure drop,anti-break,and anti-abrasion,but it easily be hydrolyzed in the condition of high temperature
3. Application : pitch mix gas,blast furnace gas in steel factory, gas, tail gas of white char,kiln applications,electric cooker high temperature gas,etc.

PPS Ryton Dust Collector filter bag:
1. Temperature (°C): Continue: 190, Instant: 210
2. Features:the best filter medium for anti-acid,anti-alkali,hydrolysis resistant,but it is not good at anti-oxidant
3. Application:waste incinerator,electric station boiler,industry boiler and so on.

P84 / PI  Needle Felt filter bag  ( Polyimide ), high temperature filter bags :
1. Temperature (°C): Continue: 260, Instant: 300
2. Features:good chemistry resistance,good air permeability,high filtration efficiency.
3. Application:cement kiln,waste incinerator,etc

Fiberglass Filter Cloth Fiberglass  filter bag:
1.Temperature (°C): Continue: 240, Instant: 260
2.Features:low price compared with other high temperature fibers,and stable size,low
shrinkage rate,high intensity
3.Application:chemistry,steel factory,metallurgy,cement,etc.

Fiberglass combined tailer produced Needle Felt  filter bag:
1.Temperature (°C): Continue: 260, Instant: 280
2.Features:heavy loads,long life time, reasonable price, strong function etc.
3.Application:polluted air and dust in Iron & Steel factory, Melting factory, Cement factory,Petrol chemistry ,etc.

PTFE 100%  filter bag , high temperature resistant dust collector filter bags  :
1. Temperature (°C): Continue: 250, Instant: 300
2. Features: strong stability, wear resistance, chemical stability, temperature resistance is  particularly prominent
3. Application:used in steel, power, waste incineration flue gas filtration and other harsh  environments.

Technical Specifications of  filter media dust filter bags :

Filter Media Working Temperature Application Regular Size (mm )
Nomex Filter Felt 180-10 degree C. Asphalt mixing , metal smelting , Gypsum , Cement plant ,etc . D130 x 2450, D 150 x 3050 , D 160 x 3600 , D150 x 4500
PPS Filter Felt 160-190 Degree C Coal boiler power plant , waste treatment power plant ,etc.   D 160x 6000, D127 x 8065
PTFE 100% Filter Felt 240-260 degree C . Waste treatment power plant , D 127 x 3500 , D 130 x 3000
Fiberglass Filter Felt 260-280 Degree C Cement Kiln , Steel plant furnace D 160 x 6000 ,  152 x 5000
PTFE memrbane Fiberglass Cloth 260-280 Degree C , Cement kiln ,  steel plant furnace , carbon black plant D 127 x 36000 , D 130 x 4500


Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .


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