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Industrial Baghouse Filtration Dust Filter Bag

ECOGRACE industrial dust filter bag including Nomex Filter bag , PTFE filter bag , Fiberglass Filter bag , PTFE membrane filter bag . Our sample for free . With over decades researching and manufacturing experience , we are the leading enterprise of dust filter bags.
Filter bag size :
  • NX 775


  • 56021000

ECOGRACE Dust  Filter bags widely applied in different industrial dust filtration system or air pollution control system dust collector filter  elements.

The type of dust filter bags :

Pulse jet filter bag

Reverse pulse filter bag

Envelope type filter bag

The size of filter bag :

We have our standard size , meanwhile , we will process as clients tecnical drawing . 

The application /  Industry :
Baghouse Filtration / Air pollution control system

Metal Smelting 

Asphalt Mixing 

Coal Boier Power plant ,
Waste treatment power generation plant ,
Steel / Iron , Foundary / Metallurgy
Cement Kiln , Cement Processing
Carbon Black ,
Gypsum / Lime processing 

ECOGRACE is very speciallised in High temperature Dust filter bags as following :

Nomex filter bag:

1. Temperature (°C): Continue: 204, Instant: 240
2. Application : pitch mix gas,blast furnace gas in steel factory, gas, tail gas of white char,kiln applications,electric cooker high temperature gas,etc.

PPS Ryton Dust Collector filter bag:
1. Temperature (°C): Continue: 190, Instant: 210
2. Application:waste incinerator,electric station boiler,industry boiler and so on.

P84 / PI  Needle Felt filter bag  ( Polyimide ),

1. Temperature (°C): Continue: 260, Instant: 300
4. Application:cement kiln,waste incinerator,etc

Fiberglass Filter Cltoh Fiberglass filter bag:
1.Temperature (°C): Continue: 240, Instant: 260
2.Features:low price compared with other high temperature fibers,and stable size,low
shrinkage rate,high intensity
3.Application:chemistry,steel factory,metallurgy,cement,etc.

Fiberglass combined Felt filter bag:
1.Temperature (°C): Continue: 260, Instant: 280
2.Features:heavy loads,long life time, reasonable price, strong function etc.
3.Application:polluted air and dust in Iron & Steel factory, Melting factory, Cement factory,Petrol chemistry ,etc.

PTFE 100%  filter bag ,PTFE Fabrics  :
1. Temperature (°C): Continue: 250, Instant: 300
2. Features: strong stability, wear resistance, chemical stability, temperature resistance is  particularly prominent
3. Application:used in steel, power, waste incineration flue gas filtration and other harsh  environments.

Application and Size :

Filter Media Working Temperature Application Regular Size (mm )
Nomex Filter Felt 180-10 degree C. Asphalt mixing , metal smelting , Gypsum , Cement plant ,etc . D130 x 2450, D 150 x 3050 , D 160 x 3600 , D150 x 4500
PPS Filter Felt 160-190 Degree C Coal boiler power plant , waste treatment power plant ,etc.   D 160x 6000, D127 x 8065
PTFE 100% Filter Felt 240-260 degree C . Waste treatment power plant , D 127 x 3500 , D 130 x 3000
Fiberglass Filter Felt 260-280 Degree C Cement Kiln , Steel plant furnace D 160 x 6000 ,  152 x 5000
PTFE memrbane Fiberglass Cloth 260-280 Degree C , Cement kiln ,  steel plant furnace , carbon black plant D 127 x 36000 , D 130 x 4500

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