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Lead Ore Concentrate Filter Cloth PP Filter Cloth

Brief Introduction of ECOGRACE Filter Cloth
a. Filter Cloth : Polyester Filter Cloth , Polypropylene Filter Cloth , PP Filter Cloth , PA Filter Cloth ,
b. Working temperature: normal working temperature 88 degree C , 130 Degree C peak working temperature.
c. Weight standard: 250g / sqm - 900 g / sqm . Make to order is also accepted.
d. Monofilament Filter Cloth , Multifilament Filter Cloth . Singel Layer , Double Layer .
  • PP 6438
  • 1000X 1000

Leads Ore Concentrate Filter Cloth FOR Filter press cloth 

Vertical DISC Filter Machine Filter Cloth , 

Leaf Filter machine filter cloth 

ECOGRACE Filter Cloth Quick Detail:

a. Filter Cloth : Polyester Filter Cloth , Polypropylene Filter Cloth , PA Filter Cloth ,

b. Working temperature: normal working temperature 88 degree C , 110 Degree C peak working temperature.

c. Weight standard: 250g / sqm - 900 g / sqm . Make to order is also accepted.



ECOGRACE Liquid Filter Cloth : PET, PP , PA6 , PA 66 Filter Cloth , Monofilament Filter Cloth , Multi-filament Filter Cloth .

Type of Filter Cloth Bag :Filter press plate ,Filtation Belt Cloth  centrifuge Filter , Leaf filter , fluid bed dryer, Rotary / Horizontal DISC filter .

Filter Cloth  Application :

Environmental protection
Sewage treatment, sludge dewatering , flue gas desulphurization, salt mud , fly ash, etc.

Chemical Industry :

Catalyst, cobalt carbonate, zinc oxide, zirconium carbonate, activated carbon, cobalt carbonate, borate, dyes and intermediates , iron oxide , nickle, salt , aluminum oxide , titanium dioxide, additives , glycerol , pesticides , white carbon black , zinc , calcium carbonate , etc.


Mining Industry :

Red mud , tailing gold , potash fertilizer , vanadium ore , the Tail coal, clean coal, coal washing , clay , Kaolin clay, etc.


Metallurgical Industry :

Alumina / Aluminum oxide Plant Filtration , Gold, molybdenum, leads ore , vanadium , nickel , zinc , copper, tungsten , carbide slag , etc.


Food processing :

Fruit juice, sugar, starch , sweetener, beer , etc.

Polypropylene filter cloth



P0802Y Coal Washing , Zinc Oxide .
T0803t Potash fertilizer
P120D/P050D/P080D/P020MD Double layer monofilament filter cloth
P050D, P030MD, P020MD FGD, Gypsum
N9029 Iron ore concentrate , ALUMINA , ALUMINUM OXIDE
N199 Iron ore concentrate
P1010 Iron ore concentrae
P020MD Leads ore concentrate
9501-32 Fly ash, coal ash
9501-35 Fly ash
9501-34 Zinc oxide
P1010sdy Zinc sulfate
PT9502b-41DY Gold mining , vanadium mine
9502-40 Borax, vanadium pentoxide
PT9502b-31 Gold
P750AB Copper
P120/P190 Phosphate
MP11343Y Copper
9502-402DY Iron sulfide
9503-32 Catalyst
P190 Beer filtration
P199s/P11636: Sugar Plant  filtration
N120B Palm oil filtration, other oil, use anti-static filter cloth
P1010-37DY Titanium Dioxide
3233SY White carbon black
3233SY/108C/P801IIy Kaolin Clay 
T3112BY/3233SYY Pigment, dyestuff



High dimensional stability,

Good abrasion performance,

Wide range of filter rate

Efficient fabric cleaning

Smooth Surface 

Easy Cake Releasing .

Filter press cloth normally include 4 types,
Polyester(Terylene/PET) Filter Cloth.
Polypropylene (PP) Filter Cloth , 
Chinlon (polyamide/nylon)  Filter Cloth 
Vinylon PV Filter Cloth .

Polyester Filter Cloth and Polypropylene Filter Cloth is normal and popular and with wider application . 

The Filter Cloth are fit in the Plate frame filter press filter cloth is used for solid liquid separation, so it has higher requirement on resistance performance to both acid and alkali, and some time might on the temperature etc... 
Polyester ( PET ) Filter Praess Cloth 
Polyester Filter Press Cloth are  widely applied industries like Pharmaceutical, Non-Ferry Melting,Chemical industrial for the Filter Press equipment ,Frame Plate  filter presses, Chamber Filter Press , Membrane Reccessed Filter Press ,  centrifuge filters, Leaf Filter , Vacuum Belt filters , etc. The filtering precision can reach less than 5 microns.

Polypropylene/PP filter cloth
Polypropylene filter clothes are  mainly applied  in Precision chemicals, Dye chemical, Sugar, Pharmaceutical, Alumina industry for the filter  equipment of Frame filter presses,Belt filters,DISC filters,Drum filters ect. The filter precision can reach less than 1 micron.

PP(Polypropylene) Filter Cloth Chemical Function :
Operating Temperature:<90 centigrade
Maximum Temperature:<100 centigrade  
Wear Resistance:Fair
Hydrolisis Resistance:Excellent
Alkaline Resistance:Excellent
Acidic Resistance:Excellent
The filter precision can reach less than 1 micron.

Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .


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