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Leads Smelting Furnace Bag Filter Steel Plant Filter Bag Dust Filter

The key solution for the leads smelting furnace dust filtration system, and also for the Aluminium smelting , coppy ,leads , steel and iron ,metal smelting furnace dust filtration ,
  • NX550


  • NOMEX 500-160-3600

Metal Smelting Furnace Air Pollution Control Dust Collector Filter Bag ,

ECOGRACE is specialized in metal processing , steel and Iron plant air pollution control  dust filtration system filter element research and manufacturing , our dust filter bag , air filter bag are good for high temperature working conditions for metal scrap smelting furance filter system , blast furnace filter system , induction furnace system ,etc . 

ECOGRACE Filter bag , Filter bags for dust collector system

Filter Shaker bags

Reverse air filter bags / Filter bags for reverse air blow

Pulse Jet filter bags dust filter bag

Envelope filter bags

Filter bags for special working conditions

Poyester, polypropylene, nylon and PTFE liquid filter bag

ECOGRACE provide the key solution for the dust / gas filtration in metallurgy industry , steel mill filter bag , just lie the Aluminium smelting , coppy ,leads , steel and iron ,metal smelting dust filtration ,

our own developed filter media will have the funtion high temperature resistant , good corrosion resistant , long working life and cheaper price .steel plant filter bag

Steel Plant Filter Bag , ECOGRACE provide key solution for steel mill plant air filtration system , We are expert of  environmental protection for air pollution control  in  steel mill works , the Blast Furnace air filter system , Blast furnace filter bag ,  induction furnance dust filtration system  , etc. 


For Asphalt mixing site / Asphalt batching siste :

ECOGRACE have special filter bag solution for the high temperature fumes for the asphalt mixing site , moisture proof , and long working life , with very good price .


For Power station and Incineration Industry

With PTFE Dipping , ECOGRACE filter bags provide near zero emissions for dust collection system for waste incinerator processing and power station boiler. Whether you use standard or low grade coals, wood or tires in boiler, or operate a chemical, hazardous, or medical waste incinerator, all we can deliver consistently high airflow over the life of the filter bags for your application.


For Cement Industry

We know that the cement producer all over the world need high-performance filter media for cement kiln , cement mill, and other pulse jet or reverse baghouse. ECOGRACE filter Bags provide emissions control , production capability increases , energy saving , and the lowest overall maintenance and operating costs.


For Building Material Industry like Gypsum , Lime, mining , glass prduction process dust filtration :

ECOGRACE provide the stable and long lasting working life filter bags for the gypsum prodcution process , lime production process , glass production process .


For Chemical Industry

ECOGRACE filter bag for the chemical industry are offered as thorough solutions. This means you will receive expert support not only filter bag design, but also how to optimize the flow parameters of your system to get the absolute best productivity. This process-specific product design and applications engineering approach has proven to be the lowest risk way to optimize your system's performance.lter bag


Filter Media Nomex Filter Felt , Polyeseter Filter Felt , Fiberglass Fabric , Acryic Filter Felt .
Weight  500 g / sqm 
Finishing   PTFE coating , water and oil repellent 
Working temperature  < 200 degee C 
Size  D 152 x L 3000mm , D 160x L 5500mm 


Filter cages  , Filter Bag Cages , stainless steel cage , galvanized filter cage , organic silicon filter cage .

Filter bag sewing thread , sewing filter bags: PTFE thread , fiberglass thread , nomex thread, polyester . 


Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .


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