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Nomex Filters For Asphalt Batch Plant Filter Dust Filtration System

ECOGRACE nomex needle felt bag filter is working for the temperature up to 190 degree C . We have our special chemical treatment on the material to increase the function of nomex filters in emission control, high temperature resistant , chemical resistant . It is now widely applied in following industry :
Industrials Applications:
Asphalt mixing plant
• Cement Plant cement kiln .
• Asphalt plant
• Wast incinerators
• Carbon black production
• Refineries
• Steel Mills
Foundary / metal smelting furnace
Metal Smelting , metal alloys
Non ferros alloy plant
Paper plant coal boiler filter bag
  • D160mm x L 4500mm
  • NX 550

Asphalt Mixing Plant Flame Resistant High Temperature Filter Bag 

Asphalt Plant Filter bag Nomex Needle Felt  :

550GSM Asphalt Plant Bag Filter Nomex Dust Filter Bags
1. Nomex filters is high temperature resistant Gas / Fume  filter bags

2. It is widely applied in fume / smoke filtration system in industry like Asphalt mixing , melting furnace , cement kiln , gypsum production and tobacco production.

3. High and stronger tensile strength and abrasion resistance keep our Nomex filter long working life.

4.Meanwhile ,we tailor produce for the filter size with clients dust collector design.

Nomex Filter Bags are mainly used in cement industry, asphalt mixing site , metallurgical

smelting furnace fumes filtration and tobacco industry for flue gas purification.

• Tail gas / fume / dust from metallurgical plant

•  Asphalt mixing plant smoke filtration , asphalt batching filter bag 

•  Carbon black plant, iron works ( Steel Mill  blast furnace gas Filter )

•  Cement plant ( tail gas from vertical kiln),

•  Petroleum fumes from mixing round the beton and asphaltum

   Detergent plant

•  Coal fired boiler


Performance :

Asphalt plant bag filter 

Continuous operating temperature is up to 200°C, instant service temperature is up 

to 240 Degree C . 

Fire retardant performance is excellent 

Corrosion resistance and alkali resistance is good 

Excellent thermal stability, excellent abrasion resistance and flexural resistance 

Hydrolysis resistance is poor, frequent SOx and vapor in flue gas or dew point will 

 greatly reduce its service life.

asphalt plant filter bag

nomex filter bag

nomex filter bagSpecification of Nomex Filter Felt :


Aramid Fiber with Aramid scrim supported 

Weight (g/m2)


Thickness (mm)


Air permiability (m3/m2/min)


Tensile strength (N/5×20cm)





Tensile enlongation (%)





Broken strength (Mpa/min)


Continuous working temperature (degree C)


Short time Working temperature (degree C)








The stability of water solution


Finishing treatment

Singeing, het-setting, calendaring 


ECOGRACE manufacture bag filters which is suite for high temperature working conditions, including Asphalt mixing flue gas filtration, metal smelting furnace gas filtration, our Aramid -W/R PT 14 is specially designed for the above industries , all the projects show success and longer working life. 

PTFE fiberglass filter bags for high temperature industrial gas dust filtration.Ferro Silicon Furnace Bag Filter system Fiberglass Filter Bag , Cement Plant Cement Kiln tail gas dedusting system dust collector bags , PTFE fiberglass Filter Bags .

ECOGRACE  fiberglass filter cloth Filter Bags Dust Collector filter bags  are the optimum solution for dust collection systems with working temperatures 150- 260 degree °C.

ECOGRACE develop and research the chemical finishing on the fiberglass filter cloth to fully utilize the chemical and physical function .

It includes PTFE membrane , PTFE dipping , Graphite treatment , silicon treatment .
ECOGRACE Finished woven fiberglass bags are successfully used in Reverse air dust collection system , pulse jet bag filter dust collection system and shaking vibrating dust collecting system .


Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .


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