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PTFE Membrane Bag Filter Fiberglass Filter Bag

ECOGRACE is specialized in dust filtration filter media , dust extraction system filter element , filter bag and filter cages .
With decades experience of researching and manufacturing filter cloth and filter bags , we are the leading enterprise of dust filter cloth and filter bags.
Filter bag size :
  • NX 775


  • 56021000

ECOGRACE Dust  Filter bags widely applied in different industrial dust filtration system or air pollution control system dust collector filter  elements.

ECOGRACE PTFE membrane fiberglas Filter bag ,with 260-280 degree working temperature Fiberglass Filter bag is maily applied for the metal smelting mill , cement kiln dust filration system . 

Production Description
1.Temperature (°C): Continue: 260 , Instant: 280
2.Features: Lower price compared with other high temperature fibers , and stable size,low shrinkage rate , high intensity .
3.Application: Fume Filtraiton / Ash handling system for industry like chemistry , steel factory, metallurgy, cement,etc.
Steel factory smoke treatment Fiberglass pocket filter is a high temperature resistant filter media,they are mainly used in cement plant,carbon black process of flue gas purification. With the benefits of high temperature resistance and low cost,it becomes a widely used filter material.

Steel factory smoke treatment Fiberglass pocket filter : 
puts PTFE membrane bonding to the surface of thermoplastic fiber filter material, plays the role of early powder layer to achieve surface of filter material. The membrane surface is smooth, with excellent chemical stability and good cleaning effect, greatly improving the service life of filter materials

Product Name Fiberglass Filter Collector
Size D140mmxL5000mm 
OR As Customized
Weight(g/m2) 400-450
Thickness(mm) 0.5
Air permiability(m3/m2/min) 20-40
     Tensile strength (N/5×20cm) warp ≥1400
weft ≥800
Tensile enlongation (%) warp 25
weft 40
Broken strength (Mpa/min) ≤20
Continuous working temperature (degree C) 260
Short time Working temperature (degree C) 280
Anti-acid Fair
Anti-alkali Good
Anti-abrasion Poor
The stability of water solution Poor
Finishing treatment Heatset and Singed One Side

PTFE 100% Filter Felt Air Filter Bag For Air Pollution control filter system in coal fired power generation power plant  , waste treatment power generation plant . 

Application of PTFE Filter Fabrics PTFE Filter Bag :


PTFE filter cloth Dust collector filter bags are high temperature resistant filter bag . It is widely applied in waste treatment power generation plant for air pollution control system , filter bag .

 PTFE Filter bags  are suitable for the corrosion resistance of harsh condition that require a longer working life of dust filters, such as waste incineration flue gas filtration.
As dust filter bags, it is largely used in thermal power industry, waste treatment power generation plant air pollution contorl system .
Very good chemcial resistant , anti acid , anti alkalic , anti corrossion , high temperature resistant .
Below fiber performance index for your reference.

 Operating Temperature (°C, dry)  Abrasion Resistance Hydrolysis Resistance Alkali Resistance Organic Acid Resistance
Teflon(PTFE)  240/ (280) Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent

Advantages of PTFE Fabrics :
1.Applied in continuous temperature 260ºC , works very good .
2.As dust filter bags, it is largely used in thermal power industry, waste treatment power generation plant air pollution contorl system .
3.Very good chemcial resistant , anti acid , anti alkalic , anti corrossion , high temperature resistant .
4.Finish treatment:Calendering,PTFE impregnation , PTFE membrane With excellent performance in all aspects .

Application and Size of ECOGRACE Dust Filter Bag :

Filter Media Working Temperature Application Regular Size (mm )
Nomex Filter Felt 180-10 degree C. Asphalt mixing , metal smelting , Gypsum , Cement plant ,etc . D130 x 2450, D 150 x 3050 , D 160 x 3600 , D150 x 4500
PPS Filter Felt 160-190 Degree C Coal boiler power plant , waste treatment power plant ,etc.   D 160x 6000, D127 x 8065
PTFE 100% Filter Felt 240-260 degree C . Waste treatment power plant , D 127 x 3500 , D 130 x 3000
Fiberglass Filter Felt 260-280 Degree C Cement Kiln , Steel plant furnace D 160 x 6000 ,  152 x 5000
PTFE memrbane Fiberglass Cloth 260-280 Degree C , Cement kiln ,  steel plant furnace , carbon black plant D 127 x 36000 , D 130 x 4500


1. What is your Registered Brand ?
2, Where is your factory ?
No. 100 Lingjiawu Industrial Zone , Wenyan ,Xiaoshan , Hangzhou ,China .   2 Hours to Shanghai Port by driving . 
3,What  certifacation you have?
We have got ISO9001 and SGS certification.
4. What's the regular deliery time ?
2-4 Weeks . 
5. Do you have filter bag installation instruction ?
Yes , it will be provided  together with goods. 
6.What as if I want a sample for testing ?
Yes , we provide sample for free , freight collected .
7. How to keep filter bag size exactly right as I required ?
We will communicate with you for checking the key point of the specicifcation and work out technical proposal and drawing for your further confirmation . 

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Zhejiang Grace Envirotech Co., Ltd.with the famouse brand "ECOGRACE", is one of the subsidiary of Grace Filter MFG ,based in U.K ,and developed in China .


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