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  • Filter Bags Applied In Asphalt Mixing Plant

    Discripton of hot gas tail gas generated from Asphalt mixing site :
    With over 15 years working experience in dust collection / dust filtration area in asphalt mixing site , ECOGRACE will provide a full set of solution for the high temperature and high abrasive gas for asphalt mixing plant .

  • How to install the dust collector filter bags ?

    How to Install Snap Band Filter bag ?
    1. Checck if the tue sheet hole edge is smooth and the hole is perfect shape hope .
    2. Fit the filter bag body into the Tube sheet Hole .
    3. Just bending the top of the filter bag and release the snap band in the tube sheet hole plate .The snap band part is the top of filter bag .
    4. Check if the snap band and tube sheet seal very well .

  • How to distinguish 100% aramid felt and aramid felt with fiberglass scrim

    The outlook of 100% aramid felt and aramid felt with fiberglass scrim are very close to each other.
    you cannot distinguish them from outlook.

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